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Top-level professional athletes such as 2nd degree black belt and UFC lightweight and welterweight Nate Diaz have started to routinely use CBD oils to combat pain and inflammation.

Turn To Classic Chevrolet For A Personalized Sales, Finance Or Service Experience

CBD is among dozens of other cannabinoids produced by the trichome glands of the cannabis plant. Short-term muscle recovery from acute symptoms of the inflammatory response can be achieved by reducing aspects of this response. Although research regarding effects on human muscles are limited, in vivo studies on animals thus far have painted a clear picture of what the molecule may be capable of.

One such study analysed the effects of CBD on rats exhibiting acute inflammation induced by carrageenan injection.

It was found that oral CBD was beneficial in regards to edema swelling caused by fluid and hyperalgesia increased sensitivity to pain. Both edema and hyperalgesia are two symptoms of inflammation.

Thorne Research Stats

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Can CBD Assist Muscle Recovery?

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75% Off LA Muscle Coupons, Promo Code | Exclusive Offers

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CBD Coupons: Hack Your Price Tag

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