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There are two ways to think about clipping digital coupons. You can log in before every grocery trip to clip coupons for the items that are on your list. Another option is to go through the entire digital coupon list once or twice a month and clip any coupons that you might possibly use. I tend to do the second.

If you download the Meijer app, it is very easy to scan through all the coupons while you are waiting from an appointment or watching television. Meijer does a great job with a variety of national catalinas. Some of these are the same as at Kroger or other grocery stores but some are unique to Meijer.

You can find out about catalinas by watching your grocery ad, or reading the signs on shelf tags. What is a catalina? The great thing about catalinas is that you can use coupons to take your out of pocket cost down and the money you receive can be spent on anything. When you receive a catalina, it will print out at the register.

They are great about issuing you the catalina you should have received. Not only can you pick up your prescriptions when you shop, but you can also earn money for filling your prescriptions at Meijer.

I have found our insurance prices to be very fair and comparable at Meijer, too. Meijer pharmacy rewards are different from the regular rewards — although they do use the same Mperks number. The way it works is simple.

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And the amazing part? Free prescriptions like amoxicillin actually count toward your rewards!

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Meijer is one of my favorite grocery stores because their everyday prices are much lower than Kroger. I do like shopping the deals at Kroger and you can read about how I save at Kroger here.

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  6. When you stock up on the sale items and plan your menus around those meals, you will find your savings increase dramatically. With as good as some of their deals are, this is a strategy to remember. To save even more money at Meijer, start using a coupon app. You can get all the details about how Ibotta works here. Meijer Madness is a deal sight that focuses on all things Meijer.

    meijer Archives - The Brooks Family

    It also shares catalina deals and other special promotions that you might not be aware of. If you want help finding the best Meijer deals, check out Meijer Madness. Hello and welcome! Check out how we're thriving when our income has been cut in half , take a look at some of my custom, Biblical books with free printables or learn how to build a stockpile that works for your family.

    You can sign up for blog updates with my email newsletter here. Thanks for stopping by! Your email address will not be published. Pin 71 Share 16 Twitter Email. At Meijer you can use both on the same purchase. Not all Catalina coupons are Meijer coupons. Some are manufacturer coupons. You can tell the difference by what it states at the top of the coupon. Meijer coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons.

    They cannot be combined with competitor coupons since those are also store coupons. Meijer coupons print from the catalina machine during promotions or randomly. Pharmacy Catalina coupons are rewards you can earn when you use the Meijer Pharmacy. Coupons cannot be used towards your prescription, but they can be used on groceries or at the Meijer Gas Station.

    Current Meijer Catalina Offers

    These Meijer coupons can also be used with manufacturer coupons or other Meijer coupons you may have. You can only redeem one Meijer Pharmacy coupon per customer per day. If you have more than one coupon and prescription you can pick them up separately. Medicaid and Medicare are excluded from this program.


    You do not need to have the cell phone to use mperks. You can sign up here. At the checkout you can enter the phone number along with your pin number to redeem your coupons. Some mperks are loaded to your account based on what you purchase.

    Meijer catalina deals couponing 3/15/12

    Plus, if you use mperks at the checkout your receipt will also be loaded into your account. So there is no need to keep track of those paper receipts anymore. You can also create your shopping list on your mperks account. You can determine which coupons are manufacturer or store coupons by view the complete details of the coupon.

    Meijer mperk rewards are rewards you can earn. Rewards give you money off of your purchase when you redeem them. Personalized Rewards have three sections. There are anywhere from three to five rewards to choose from in each section. You can only clip one reward from each section, which will give you a total of three rewards that you can earn at a time.

    Personalized rewards change monthly. If you earn a reward before the month is over you will have the option to redeem another reward. The amount you spend to earn your reward is counted before coupons. You do not have to purchase everything at once to earn a reward. You can have multiple purchases throughout the month. You can track your spending through your mperks account. Baby Rewards is an ongoing reward. This reward also goes by the price before coupons. This reward can be combined with other promotions when they are available.

    You can track this reward through your mperks account. You must enroll in this program prior to shopping to activate it. It is separate from joining mperks. Pharmacy Rewards is a way for you to earn rewards when you use the Meijer Pharmacy.