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We offer a comprehensive selection of home brewing equipment kits, homemade beer recipe ingredient kits extract and all-grain , fresh ingredients for brewing beer grains, hops, yeasts and malts , complete kegerator conversion kits and plenty of stainless steel brewer's kettles and hardware. Oh - did we mention that we also have cornie beer kegs, both pin and ball lock.

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W hether you are a novice starting on your kitchen stove or an experienced brewmaster looking for a professional pilot system, we have all the quality home brewing supplies that you will need and at unbelievable prices. Our craft beer supplies are not just for breweries.

We sell ingredients and equipment in various sizes, meaning you can make great beer at home too!.

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We also have larger pieces of brewing equipment such as 10 barrel brites and unitank for those looking to brew in larger quantities. It is truly artisan, craft beer and they serve only their own. If your heart is set on a Bud or a Blue before dinner, you have to go somewhere else.

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The ingredients malted barley and ale yeast their own proprietary strain are consistent from location to location. Each brew is litres and is identified by sequential number.

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Blonde, White, Brown and an Amber. Every restaurant also has a seasonal beer which is served in all of the restaurants in North America. And then we have a neighbourhood beer, which is one that is unique to each location.

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  4. They want their customers to know that, too. They want you to see it. The exterior is copper but the interior is stainless steel. Copper looks great, but is far too reactive to brew with.

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    From an historical point of view, it may seem as if craft beer is a recent trend growing in popularity, but if you think about it, craft beer has always been trending and for thousands of years. Regarding the origin of 3B, there is a legend about three brewers in northern France a hundred years ago who got together and wanted to combine a brewery and a restaurant together at the same location. They brewed a lot of beer and got the taste right while putting together a great menu.