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Palace have already agreed personal terms with Gosling and are just negotiating with Newcastle over the size of the transfer fee. No complications are expected and the year-old will be reunited with Palace boss Ian Holloway, who gave him his professional debut as a year-old at Plymouth. A permanent deal is the intention and all parties would be happy with that.

Rangers are still interested in the Nigerian international, but Palace have the advantage of offering Premier League football.

Transfer news 2. Quelle: www1. They don't have so much promising talents. It's always the same.

After failing winning german championship they spend a lot of money and "buy back success". I hope I won't forget to answer on the other points later. Bye for now Get well soon. Well, couple of points. First, your last point is part of the valid criticism some people have.

Rumour Mill | Football | The Guardian

It's undeniable that strategic orientation and vision has not exactly been the hallmark of Bayern's transfer policy, to put it mildly. And that "buying" of short-term success has served to somewhat stabilize the domestic position in a way, but falls short of meeting international standards. Simple as that.

As far as I'm concerned, that ominous 'world class' label is a little hollow or meaningless anyway, but I'd be a little hesitant to include Rafinha in it ; But to your larger point. I mean, there's no doubt that the da Silva twins have been a very smart, farsighted move by United, as we've already discussed earlier. Ferguson doesn't shy away from paying larger sums for young people, when he recognizes talent, cases in point include Ronaldo or now de Gea among others.

Several obvious advantages like early general integration linguistic, cultural or the more specific adaptation of United-style football including specialized, concrete training on the job. The idea is certainly to end up with a kind of 'tailor-made' pair of 'United' full-backs, not just full-backs.

That kind of pluckiness and long-term strategy is missed at Bayern, at least has been so far. I don't know if we're really talking about something totally new - those Chelsea efforts of following in the footsteps have escaped my attention by the way, I would have to rely on you there. You've called it a project, another way of looking at it might be one of a very successful example of early personell acquisition. Probably the second-best way of doing it, assuming that tapping the club's own talent pool can be seen as the silver bullet.

And as few European top clubs find the appropriate resources in their own youth academy, the da Silva model looks pretty appealing, of course. However, it's debatable whether we're talking about a completely new way of acquiring talent. It's certainly a very eye-catching one, getting two foreign twin brothers for left-back and right-back is certainly unique. Yet I'd say that in principle other clubs do similar things, it's often just not that visible or, for lack of a better word, spectacular. Bayern, for example, approached David Alaba in at the age of 16, and is now slowly integrating him.

Or Toni Kroos, who came in , at 16 as well. Or Emre Can, probably the next one to appear on the professional stage. So it's not that others don't do the same thing, in principle. And I'm not sure whether the acquisition of full-backs is an inherently new thing, or signifies a new trend. Barcelona does essentially the same thing, only that they can draw on the huge Latin-American talent pool without having a problematic cultural divide.

Again, the da Silva twins clearly are a very successful example of talent acquisition. But it may just be the case that the primary reason why Ferguson increasingly scouts the Brazilian market is that homegrown English talent simply isn't good enough Zitat "It is a country you should pay attention to. Historically, it has always been a country that produces fantastic footballers and players who can play in big games all the time.

They have ability and enthusiasm. We had a spell in France had a great spell and are still producing some fantastic young players. You're right, excess demand on that particular position is a significant problem. In that respect you have a point here, no doubt. One of the reasons why I was so heavily advocating the purchase of Coentrao.

Most valuable wonderkids in the world, including Ajax, Barcelona, and Liverpool stars

We would have bought ourselves a high quality solution for years to come, in Rafinha we didn't even find a real solution — presuming highest ambitions — and are left with a suboptimal utilization of the left side two right foots along the way. Looking at today's European market, there is little indication of things getting better in the near future.

But I don't know what talent may yet be hiding in the shadows. And I don't know exactly which markets Bayern is scouting. Few people here had heard of Breno or Sosa, when they suddenly popped up, and look what's become of So I'm just having my little problems with the 'trend' notion, as this development is simply an outcome of a current, yet reversible situation.

But at the moment, under those excess demand conditions, I'd say you're absolutely right. Bayern made a mistake. Zitat von Manutd Ladies and gentlemen. At this point, I'd like to send greetings to Mr. Actually Bayern play in a against Zurich with Kroos as a playmaker and they're still doing bad :ugly Can't agree with you. Obviously there's still enough room for improvement, but "bad" is certainly not the word that comes to my mind. Anyway, good luck to your guys against Sevilla. Half time: Nice. Where did that Schlaudraff dude come from? What moron sold him to Hannover?

After Schalke's embarrassing performance, Germany is looking for some Europa League presence. What can I say? Altogether, it's been a good game, hasn't it?

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We played good football, kind of unsettled after conceding the goal, but in the end we did a pretty nice job out there. Schlaudraff is just a clever player suffering a lot of injuries at Aachen oder Munich. Now he had the chance to get through a pre-season without being injured twice and even though he was set to take a back seat, he fought back and returned even stronger.

We haven't played our best football, but in the end we dealt well with this "new situation". So proud C'mon "ihr Roten". Probably rather 'last' hope, after Mainz sucked big time and Schalke, well, no words for that. It's impressive, Hannover probably shows the quickest and most effective counter attack in Bundesliga football well, my team doesn't get to counter very often, so we can't really challenge you on that one :p Too bad Cherundolo made that one unforced mistake, the goal concession hurts a lot. Anyway, the important thing is that you'll be able to rely on that counter gameplan in Sevilla too.

So I'm hopeful about your opportunities in Spain. It's gonna be tough, but there's a real chance. Oh, btw: great atmosphere. You could literally feel how much it meant to people even in front of your TV. Zitat von Manutd Couldn't watch the Schalke game. What happened there? Did Schalke so bad to fail against Helsinki? What the hell did they do to concede two! I mean Helsinki is probably not the worst club in northern Europe, but I mean it's still Helsinki Basically, it was a combination of tactical shortcomings the whole gameplan was both too center-oriented and offensive; e.

They were obviously completely unprepared for a fight. It was quite telling that Rangnick afterwards seemed to be trying to find excuses, suggesting that the artificial grass pitch was one of the reasons for their failure they do have an artificial grass pitch at Schalke to prepare for it Helsinki played well, they're definitely not a bad team, decent technical abilities.

But Schalke's performance was simply awful. Zitat von Manutd Thanks a lot. And indeed it does; I'm not sure, I think the biggest stadium I played in was Hessen Kassel's Auestadion, but the crowd of some people or so pretty much shook my gut as well :p There are many obvious differences in supporting a smaller club or a club like Bayern, of course. In a way I sometimes envy supporters of smaller clubs exactly because of the raw emotional authenticity in such moments of success you just described, which are of course much more appreciated, perceived as way more valuable I didn't exactly 'choose' to be a Bayern supporter, by the way, at least not as a conscious, deliberate decision for a successful team ;.

Simply a question of habituation, rare things are things of higher value. And the reason for the more stable, more persistent fan base of smaller clubs — the notion of 'Erfolgsfan' is no hollow phrase. Of course I can imagine the multiplied meaning of EL participation when you're supporting a club that's come from the depths of the Regionalliga. And when you add the whole tragic Enke episode — which moved all German football fans deeply, to be sure — and all that followed near relegation , Hannover's recent past is just a very special story.

So even though I'm in a constant struggle with the notion of 'pride', I can very much empathize with you being proud there. As well you should be, actually. So congratulations, I hope you're making it into the group stage. I didn't really get the England racism part, to be honest. Could you explain that again, what did that have to do with things? Mingard was amazing! Bernardinho is the best option, otherwise Santarelli Reply.

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