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When creating light, starting with a higher intensity will provide more light further away from fixture. Also requires more distance for intensity to decrease to natural levels before reaching canopy. The Dominator 2x is an innovative high intensity LED grow light designed specifically to fuel the entire photosynthesis process.

Assembled in Hiwasse

This type of light will fuel your plants with the same highly energetic photons that come from the sun. Lush has also increased the available photons for carotenes to increase the terpene production in your plants. Providing your garden with the energy it needs will reward you with a bigger, healthier and more nutritious crop!

From cloning through growing and all the way to the end of flowering, this light has what your plants need! Infrared light is used to penetrate deep into the plant and boost chlorophyll fluorescence so that no light is wasted. Plants have had millions of years to adapt to their environment, so providing your garden with the most electrically charged photons will reward you with a bigger, healthier and more nutritious crop! Lush Lighting products have a low heat signature, high efficiency rating and are built to last a decade!

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We want to see you succeed! We build the best agricultural grow lights on the market for your peace of mind! LED is safer and the results will literally pay for themselves. Increase the level of photosynthetic activity on your plants today! Repairs will be complete within 14 days from receipt of the defective product. For minor repairs such as a power supply replacement, we will send the new part to you with instructions on how to replace it.

In the event that the new part does not fix the problem, or there is a problem which is more complex, the light will need to be returned for a warranty replacement.

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All warranty repairs are free of charge. If product is returned for warranty repair and is out of warranty or found working, the shipping charges will be applied.

Product Description

The customer will be responsible for the cost of parts and labor. Do not mark directly on the box. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Showing reviews of 32 Next. After owning several Lush lights i now can honestly say these LEDs crush it!! Out performing almost any light on todays market! You will not be disappointed! You will save all the way around; electricity, heat factors, and nutrients. Thank you Lush lighting for keeping my garden happy!!

I have used a few different lighting systems in the last nine years. GreenCure Solut.. GrowLab Growstones H. Hudson Ma.. Hanna Instrumen.. Hydro Organics..

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    Over the years they have come to understand all of the components essential to achieving consistent results in any horticultural endeavour. Their mission is to create a company that exists to serve and benefit people through the products and services that they offer.

    For them Futurama is only the beginning.

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    In the future their company will do much more than just sell products. As they grow with the intention to enter industries that will allow them to create social, economic and environmental change. Green Smoke Room. Green Smoke Room Seeds is well established in the SA seed business, they pride themselves in preserving diverse genetics and are long supporters of legalisation. They deserve your support in return! GreenThumb Hydropnics. GreenThumb Hydroponics are supporters of all working towards Cannabis legalisation, they have knowledgeable staff and is the go-to shop for all your quality hydroponic and growing needs.

    Grow Guru. They offer an extensive range of the latest, trusted and most popular horticulture supplies. A significant sponsor of our campaign, this is the place to go for all your hemp requirements. With over 10 years of experience, this long-time supporter and MS survivor developed laboratory tested and solvent free products that have helped and cured many. Featured on several News channels with amazing success stories, he has lived through the pains and understands.

    The Presentation Clinic. They offer training nationwide, learn how to present like a pro and support legalisation at the same time! Please support our ProudlyGreen affiliate companies who support legalisation. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Consumption of Cannabis is no longer limited to smoking. Dosing can be done discreetly, improving quality of life and taking the edge off daily frustrations in this fast pace existence.

    The healing qualities of Herb outweighs the HIGH in importance to us, we will assist you in finding the most effective dosing method for your needs, be it Pain Management, Stress Control, Sleep Aid or simply as a supplement to your daily life. Cannabis extract is available all over the web but please question the purity.

    We exclusively make use of Distillate, Strain specific Terpenes and MCT oil to craft our range of products from, with no nasty chemicals present. Medical MJ South Africa offers the healthiest and most effective methods of consuming marijuana. Grow Guru Horticulture supplies South Africa with a growing range of the latest hydroponic gear, with nationwide delivery through our online store.

    Greenrush are researching development and networking for companies to gain the exposure and meet prospective buyers in South Africa, Africa and the WORLD. With cannabis expanding rapidly around the world, we offer a first of its kind platform where you can lead the way forward using our services and create marketing relations with others in the cannabis industry, Greenrush is proudly SOUTH AFRICAN and in order to build our country we also have to keep a close eye on international trends and innovative ways to help your company grow.

    Canna Trade Africa are aggregators of full spectrum products across the cannabis industry. We hold global agencies and strive to nurture the local cannabis economy. They offer seed to flower consultation advice and sales, via direct sale or in some instances via our multiple club networks. Trophy Seeds is an importer of internationally recognized brands of cannabis seeds. Strains from breeders from around the world that have been breeding and perfecting strains for years.

    Now through Trophy Seeds all those strains are locally available and delivered to your door discreetly and without hassles from customs and the post office. Green Smoke Room is well established in the SA seed business, they pride themselves in preserving diverse genetics and are long supporters of legalisation. Our mission is the creation of a library of groovy cultivars, bred from awe-inspiring genetics and propagating organically under the African sun.

    Sacred Seeds was founded in October and is based in Cape Town. We also import seeds on-demand. Fat Jays is a South African brand originating in Stellenbosch, What started off as a little vintage brand selling once off items is now launching its own line. Our mission is to create the highest level of function, relevance, and comfort, in the most responsible way possible.

    This does not mean that all our garments are related to cannabis. A major part of the Fat Jays lifestyle is living a balanced life… with a special emphasis towards students. Work and play. But keep it balanced. Stay healthy. We will also be making garments that simply relate to life and living it in a balanced way. Having fun is most important. Do whatever you want. They offer 5 variants of tested pest control management sprays to assist your growing experience and crop harvest success through eliminating the most common Canna pest issues; Spider-mites, Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Powdery Mildew and The All Rounder.

    A aptwak is involved in various activities and events that help promote cannabis products and brands. With the use of collaboration we can attain more cooperation among suppliers. Our main aim is to help build the current black market into a real value chain, part of that is establishing trust relationships. Our new shop, Die Joint, is up and running in Hartbeespoort.