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MCBF: 37,, lines.

Series-targeted bugs

Ambient environment. Work temperature.

Work humidity. Storage temperature. Controlling board:.

Command set. Firmware location. USB driver. Interface connector. Power supply unit. Supermarket locker printer;Healthcare kiosks; weighing scales; parking machines; queue management system; coupon machines; lottery printers; self-service terminals; attendance devices; ticket vendor; multimedia kiosk and more.

Print from your iPhone without an AirPrint Printer

Competitive Advantage:. Thank you for your visit, any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!! Auto cutting 3 inch thermal receipt printers , portable thermal printer for queue up.

CUPS Printer Setup on Ubuntu

Compact design 80mm Kiosk Thermal Printer , portable ticket printer for parking systems. Fiscal POS thermal receipt printer 58mm 2 Inch. E-Mail Sitemap. If you have skype or whatsapp, pls tell me, we can chat more smoothly. Detailed Product Description. Tag: usb thermal receipt printer , thermal ticket printers.

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Contact Details. Shenzhen Masung Technology Co.

Follow the steps below:

Other Products. For now, Ubuntu is still shipping with its Unity desktop. I wrote earlier that most users who need stability and support over new features will probably want to stick with Ubuntu However, there are a few small things in Ubuntu The official list of new features in Ubuntu So the prospect of printing without that hassle was very intriguing. I was able to print like I normally would, without any of the setup.

TM-T20 - Software & Document - Thermal line Printer - Download - POS - Epson

The latest kernel version 4. Still, the kernel alone may not be reason enough to upgrade to Like Ubuntu I also like how Unity 8 lists your programs on the search panel alphabetically. One example involves launching a new application: Unity 8 will draw a box and show a loading spinner icon until the application is finished loading. While this does take up desktop space, it gives the user more feedback than simply having an icon glowing in the dock.

That said, Unity 8 seems far less snappy than the default Unity session in It feels to me like it requires a lot more resources.

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I wrote before that there are a few reasons not to upgrade to Ubuntu For one, this version of Ubuntu will only be supported until January