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  1. Citizen Reader: I'm too lazy to even be a lazy couponer.
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At the register, Jamie tops off her savings with CATS — those are the coupons that come out after your receipt at the register.

That's like hitting the jackpot for Jamie. Another really important tip, and perhaps the best advice of all: Find a coupon buddy.


Citizen Reader: I'm too lazy to even be a lazy couponer.

Jamie and her friends keep each other aware of good deals—they exchange coupons for items others may want and have formed a couponing community. Jamie also is a loyal customer. When she and her family find a product they like—Cedars Hummus, for example— she emails the company telling them she loves their product, and that usually that leads to more coupons and sometimes even coupons for a freebie or two. She usually shops during slow times during the week , and she will warn the store she has lots of coupons.

They'll often open a separate register.

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In fact, couponing has become so popular usage is up 27 percent from to that most stores grocery or drug store are very accommodating to coupon users. Retailers encourage coupon use because they get paid a little extra by the manufacturers for the coupon's value. She didn't do it so much out of necessity, but because she was being smart and thrifty.

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  5. Now her husband has decided to take a teaching job that he wanted because, with all that Jamie is adding to the family's income, he can. The lesson learned is this: Couponing has never been easier, so why not save money where you can? Even the iPhone has an app for coupons where you can pull up the ones you want at the register and they'll scan the barcode Not bad for a beginner—and that's savings you can take straight to the bank.

    The Lazy Couponer

    Follow today. They have that separate pouch devoted to coupons. And it's serious business, because if you're willing to do the work you can save serious money. But even the pros at the checkout are amateurs compared to the master, the woman you're about to meet. Her story tonight from our own Natalie Morales. For Jamie, it's all in the preparation, checking the circulars, leafing through her burgeoning folder for the discounts on the healthy food and organics she likes to buy, and surfing coupon sites, storing it all in a binder.

    Chase.com home

    She spends just 40 minutes a week getting ready, and those minutes mean money. It's a man. It's retired people. It's just about anyone who needs to save money. So many questions, she decided to start teaching a class.

    MORALES: At Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts, Chase gives tips, including combine sales, coupons and promotions for extra savings; e-mail the company telling them how much you enjoy their product, it often leads to a coupon for a free item; use "CATS," those coupons that print with your register receipt; buy extra copies of the Sunday paper, the savings easily cover the cost. Back at the checkout, Jamie's preparation has again paid off. Just 42 cents.